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Anyways, what did YOU get as a gift for your respective holiday?


2011-12-24 18:23:00 by ThingThing450

Mmm mn mmph mmph [RIP] Ah, that's better! Anyways, Happy Holidays! Hope you're enjoying them! Nobody listens to me anyways! Ah, who cares!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2011-10-11 00:44:08 by ThingThing450

What are you Thankful for? I'm thankful for ideas and choices!

Hello! I feel like shit, so, I am not going to talk about really much.

I hate the winter time. Yes, it's great, but, I ALWAYS get a DAMN COLD!! I ALREADY HAVE ONE TOO!!


anyways, my useless post, bye!

I'll try to post an artwork when I can scan it


2011-09-14 18:09:29 by ThingThing450

I just want to say, I don't care... seriously. Oh, was I typing that....Oh shit!


Today's Art and Audio are:

Zombie Gentleman by PokketMowse


A Maze Within A Maze by xxxZigZagxxx


Hmm, it's been a while...

2011-09-02 23:45:36 by ThingThing450



Leave YOUR Comment In the Section Available.

O.k., Bye!!


2011-09-02 23:33:55 by ThingThing450

Audio and Art for Today!

Madness Exasperation by Andertxuman139


Head bone connected to the... by TheShadling

Yes, I am going to do this each Friday, if I have time, BYE!!

Considering Summer is over, I think that I'll just limit myself to One Audio Submission and One Art Submission every Friday. And, I know I skipped a week, but, I needed a break. So, without further Ado, Allow me to introduce... THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR SCHEDULE! Yes, The Audio a day was my first Annual Summer SuperTastic (2011 was the Review-A-Thon)! I will do it again next year, with maybe a different theme, Reviewing is Hard! So, I will Discard your Ice Cream, and Substitute it for MADNESS! Yes, that's Right, MADNESS DAY is Coming. But, you probably know that, so, I am just reminding you. I will Review, uum, 25-30 Submissions from the 20th-22nd. And, I have an announcement, I am going to the Ninth Grade, I know that you don't care, but I am going to try my best. Anyways, I have my priorities straight, my tongue-tied, and my chair on the floor. So, Ready, Set, Go!


Thank You!!

2011-08-18 22:41:46 by ThingThing450


[Lavender Town Dubstep]* by Solkrieg

I have a sense of nostalgia for this one, Lavender Town, very quaint and Peaceful place...